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Welcome to the rules page!

Take the Time to read through these rules.

Pages of Shame

General Rules

  • No Hacks/Unfair Mods
  • Report Any Bugs
  • Be Kind
  • All Trolls Will Be Banned
    • Join to cause a scene
    • Join to advertise
    • Join to curse staff
    • Join to be annoying
    • Join to yell in CAPS
    • Join asking for OP, or begging for staff

Mods/Admins have full right to enforce and discipline to their discretion.

These rules may be updated without notice.


Towny Server

  • Griefing, Stealing, Raiding, Collecting
    • You may steal from unlocked chests.
    • You may NOT Grief Town Borders.
    • Mining and collecting resources must be done in /warp Resource.
    • You may not grief unclaimed builds.
  • Town Claiming
    • Ask permission from a nearby town before claiming a town or expanding your town within 5 chunks of theirs.
    • If a town falls, you may claim it.
  • PVP
    • Pvp is enabled, towns may disable by using /t toggle pvp .
    • Camping is allowed
    • Defend your town if you are being harassed by a PVP'er.
  • Town Rules
    • Mayors may make their own town rules for their claimed areas.
    • Admins and moderators may help to enforce their rules in their claimed areas.
  • Wild
    • The Wilderness should be protected
    • Cutting trees is allowed if replanted
    • No excessive clearing, only what is needed for your town.
    • New players may build in the wild


Vanilla Server

  • Griefing, Stealing, Collecting
    • Main world resource collection is allowed.
    • Griefing is bannable, all your data on ALL servers will be reset/rolled back.
  • PVP
    • Pvp is enabled, players may disable PVP by using /pvp.
    • Camping is allowed


Skyblock Server

  • Island owners have full control over their islands.
    • Owners make their own rules.


Creative Server

  • Coming Soon